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Saturday, February 28, 2009


liFe.. what is our purpose of it about finding true love..or fame..or both..some of us live just to find our true love..some of us to find glory and be acknowledge by other people.. For me..say..i want to reach for success, love and peaceful.. And in some moment of our life..we must made a decision.. decision that will change our life or other people life.. But one thing for sure.. The decision you made, either it is good or bad, it is up 2 u..becoz u control ur own life..n u choose how u want it to be..

Friend.. no one in this world can get through their life you have friend??? does ur friend share ur laugh n tears.. or only ur's hard to find your true and best friend..For me.. I have several friend.. and i trust them.. Say..amir, buu, azam, apek and pait.. these are my true friend.. I trust them.. they helped to pick me up when I fall...thanks.. I appreciate that.. Someday.. I will repay what you've done to me... I will..that is a promise..= )

Bout love..hurm..what can i say bout this... Love..LOVe L>O>V>E.. I don't know..hehe... haa...ada2...azam kte...kalo nk bercinta... pasangan 2 kena pndai bertolak ansur...xtaw la btoi ke kalo ikt pendapat ak agak btoi r... sbb..kalo x bertolak ansur..cne nk hepy kn..xkn nk ikt sorng je...kena ikt dua2 sng..

pe ag ye nk merapu...nantok gle dh..huhu...xpe r...tdo r..agpon xda mood r..

1 comment:

  1. Life without love...empty..mybe..
    Live without friends..x enjoy lor..hehe..

    npe xda mood tyme ni?
    nway..juz take gud care of urself..
    sory 4 everythings..
    luv u..=)