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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

healing takes time

7/4..simen kt tgn buka tgn ak nmpk pelik doc kte 2 hal biase...dlm 3 @ 4 bln..tgn ak elok ni..kena praktis care nulis br...hope xkco r final t.
neway..lme x update blog ni... been bz and have some personal prob..hurm..nggu ni ada dua present n dua ag tes..ITT n MR...present mr n itc..ada ase gemuruh ckit...ak n amir yg present itc..kmi yg kmi present..memuaskn carrymark cun..insyaa-Allah...

utk pengetahuan..mnggu dpn stdy week..n i'm goiong home to settle some unfinished business n to format my laptop...n watch the first race of MOTO GP..yahooo.!!!!!!!! n then..2 weeks exam begin..very excited n a little afraid..becoz this is my final year n i hope i will do well..GUD LUCK 4 me..haha...( can't wait to get out of this place..have some bad memories here)

ok..that all 4 tonite..just finished my study on ITT..i have test me luck...


  1. uiii
    mcm mne tgn
    ada oke ke??
    kem slm kt azam giler oppss jgn mara haa azam

  2. gud luck dude..=) ~~alya