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Thursday, August 19, 2010

why???'s hurt n hard to go through, why human don't appreciate or c ur sacrifice as large as mountain. but notice ur mistake as small as particles??? day by day...even though u try so hard to avoid hurting other people heart even though ur heart been hurt...people still don't appreciate this act..why??? It it so hard juz to 4give others if they do a small mistake.. hAte dis....


  1. ilex la pon manusia...susah nak appreciate...budaya melayu jarang appreciate org...kita bukan englishman...
    kool bro...


  2. ssh la...wt byk ane pon...orng xnmpk..yg nmpk buruk je..huhu

  3. xpe la anas oii...
    biaq kat depa...
    live ur happy life wit ur beloved 1..
    cemburu tgk ko ngan alya...haha